1Opening Remarks & IntroductionMalek AlMoosa 08:30 AM
2Deputy ministry of healthHis Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia 08:40 AM
3Planetree Model of Person-Centered Care: History and Current Practices from Around the WorldDr. Susan Frampton 09:00 AM
4MultiDisciplinary Approach on Health Care Enhances The Patients Positive Experience Jawaher AL Saud 09:20 AM
5 Experience of Moosa specialist hospital : Story of HopeSara Almoosa 09:40 AM
6Consul General : US CONSULATE-DHAHRANCG. Rachna S. Korhonen 09:55 AM
7Recognition Ceremony : Under The Patronage of Mr. Hamad AlDhewaliaHis Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia 10:00 AM
8Morning Coffee10:15 AM
9Bedside Shift Report: From Planning to Measurement Ilkay Baylam 10:30 AM
10The Unexpected life with T1DMohammad Al-Bahar 10:50 AM
11Consumerism in Healthcare- Implications and Lessons LearnedZeina G. Koubar 11:15 AM
12Panel Discussion Moderator: Dr Susan Frampton Dr. Susan Frampton , Ilkay Baylam , Jawaher AL Saud , Zeina G. Koubar , Mohammad Al-Bahar 11:30 AM
13Lunch + Prayer12:00 PM
14Putting It Together Abdulaziz Abdulbaqi 13:00 PM
15King Fisal Specialist Hospital : Patient ExperienceDr. Ramzi Abuzahrieh 13:20 PM
165 Things Patients in Saudi Arabia Secretly Expect … a BIG DATA insightDr. Adel AL Shabaan 13:40 PM
17Sharing The Story of Her Son - Patient with MPS type 6 Mariam A. Al Baker 14:00 PM
18Panel Discussion Moderator : Dr. Adel AlShabaanDr. Adel AL Shabaan , Abdulaziz Abdulbaqi , Dr. Ramzi Abuzahrieh 14:20 PM
19Afternoon Coffee14:50 PM
20Stop Treating a Patient as A Client Dr. Jumah AlAnazi 15:00 PM
21Patient Experience Themes from The International Medical Center, Design, Culture, and Process ImprovementSamer Abu Ghazaleh 15:20 PM
22Closure Remark15:40 PM
1How space influences Human BehaviorLisa Adams 08:30 AM
2Harmonising Data Driven Design with Patient ExperienceMohammed A. Ayoub , James J. Atkinson 08:50 AM
3Panel Discussion Mohammed A. Ayoub , James J. Atkinson , Lisa Adams , Ahmad Soueid 09:40 AM
4Inspirational Talk Mohammed Al Shareef 10:30 AM
5Improving Quality and Safety through Compassionate PracticeDr. Susan Frampton 10:50 AM
6Best Practices in Utilizing Patient Experience Data to Drive ImprovementsKatie Drevs 11:20 AM
7Transformation Thru Patient Experience initiatives: KFMC ExperienceDr. Ali Asery 11:40 AM
8Case PresentationDr. Mariam A Khateeb , Dr. Taha M. H. Abdalla 12:00 PM
9Patient and Family experience During End of Life Care.Dr. Abbas Al Mutair 12:20 PM
10Hope and inspiration journey in Almoosa Hospital Mohamed AlSaleh 12:40 PM
11Closure Remark13:00 PM
12Lunch + Prayer13:00 PM

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