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Patient Experience

Conference 2017

Confident doctor looking at his senior patient while speaking to her

The First Patient Experience Conference which will be held on the 25th and 26th of October 2017 at AlAhsa Intercontinental. The event will highlight ways to ensure high-quality care, patient-centered care, and involving the patient and his family in the care, giving the patient the choice during his journey experience.

ACHE Face to Face Workshop

Reaching Excellence in the Patient Experience


The American College Of Healthcare Executives MENA Group in collaboration with Almoosa Specialist Hospital invite you on the 23th and 24th  October 2017  at Almoosa Specialist  Hospital to attend ACHE Face-to-Face Education Credits Seminar Titled Read more…..

Patient Experience Conference Speakers

CG. Rachna S. Korhonen

CG. Rachna S. Korhonen

Consul General

U.S. Embassy

His Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia

His Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia

Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs

Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia

Malek AlMoosa

Malek AlMoosa


AlMoosa Specialist Hospital

Dr. Susan Frampton

Dr. Susan Frampton

Planetree President

Patient Experience Conference Schedules

1Opening Remarks & IntroductionMalek AlMoosa 08:30 AM
2Deputy ministry of healthHis Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia 08:40 AM
3Planetree Model of Person-Centered Care: History and Current Practices from Around the WorldDr. Susan Frampton 09:00 AM
4MultiDisciplinary Approach on Health Care Enhances The Patients Positive Experience Jawaher AL Saud 09:20 AM
5 Experience of Moosa specialist hospital : Story of HopeSara Almoosa 09:40 AM
6Consul General : US CONSULATE-DHAHRANCG. Rachna S. Korhonen 09:55 AM
7Recognition Ceremony : Under The Patronage of Mr. Hamad AlDhewaliaHis Excellency Hamad Al-Dhewalia 10:00 AM
8Morning Coffee10:15 AM
9Bedside Shift Report: From Planning to Measurement Ilkay Baylam 10:30 AM
10The Unexpected life with T1DMohammad Al-Bahar 10:50 AM
11Consumerism in Healthcare- Implications and Lessons LearnedZeina G. Koubar 11:15 AM
12Panel Discussion Moderator: Dr Susan Frampton Dr. Susan Frampton , Ilkay Baylam , Jawaher AL Saud , Zeina G. Koubar , Mohammad Al-Bahar 11:30 AM
13Lunch + Prayer12:00 PM
14Putting It Together Abdulaziz Abdulbaqi 13:00 PM
15King Fisal Specialist Hospital : Patient ExperienceDr. Ramzi Abuzahrieh 13:20 PM
165 Things Patients in Saudi Arabia Secretly Expect … a BIG DATA insightDr. Adel AL Shabaan 13:40 PM
17Sharing The Story of Her Son - Patient with MPS type 6 Mariam A. Al Baker 14:00 PM
18Panel Discussion Moderator : Dr. Adel AlShabaanDr. Adel AL Shabaan , Abdulaziz Abdulbaqi , Dr. Ramzi Abuzahrieh 14:20 PM
19Afternoon Coffee14:50 PM
20Stop Treating a Patient as A Client Dr. Jumah AlAnazi 15:00 PM
21Patient Experience Themes from The International Medical Center, Design, Culture, and Process ImprovementSamer Abu Ghazaleh 15:20 PM
22Closure Remark15:40 PM
1How space influences Human BehaviorLisa Adams 08:30 AM
2Harmonising Data Driven Design with Patient ExperienceMohammed A. Ayoub , James J. Atkinson 08:50 AM
3Panel Discussion Mohammed A. Ayoub , James J. Atkinson , Lisa Adams , Ahmad Soueid 09:40 AM
4Inspirational Talk Mohammed Al Shareef 10:30 AM
5Improving Quality and Safety through Compassionate PracticeDr. Susan Frampton 10:50 AM
6Best Practices in Utilizing Patient Experience Data to Drive ImprovementsKatie Drevs 11:20 AM
7Transformation Thru Patient Experience initiatives: KFMC ExperienceDr. Ali Asery 11:40 AM
8Case PresentationDr. Mariam A Khateeb , Dr. Taha M. H. Abdalla 12:00 PM
9Patient and Family experience During End of Life Care.Dr. Abbas Al Mutair 12:20 PM
10Hope and inspiration journey in Almoosa Hospital Mohamed AlSaleh 12:40 PM
11Closure Remark13:00 PM
12Lunch + Prayer13:00 PM

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Patient Experience Conference Info.

  • Understand the driving forces behind improving patient experience.
  • Assess the changing face of healthcare and its impact on patient experience policy
  • How to transfer your health organization to be more patient centered
  • CEO’s / Director Medical services/ Hospital Administrators
  • Physicians
  • Nursing Directors/ Managers/ Supervisors/ Nurses
  • Technicians/ Paramedical Staff
  • Social workers, Patients relations
  • Receptionists, call center
  • Medical students/ Students studying hospital administration
  • Architects, Engineers &  interior designers .
  • The only independent PX event specific to Private healthcare in Saudi Arabia that will have local, regional and international speakers.
  • Lessons learned from across the country and the glob to advance your PX.
  • Patients and their families as partner every step of the way for meaningful changes.
  • Cross-sector representation to strengthen continuum of care.
  • Creating a physical patient centered care environment.
  • Interactive discussions and networking to spark your inspiration
  • The value of hospital quality in patient choice
  • Can technology make doctors more effective communicators?
  • Consumer experience
  • Shifting trends: how patient experience can be improved using national and international evidence
  • transforming the patient experience to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aims
  • A multidisciplinary approach to improving the patient experience of discharge
  • Almoosa journey to be the first  Planetree designated in the middle east
  • Patient stories
  • How space influences human behavior

ACHE Face-to-Face Workshop

Reaching excellence in Patient Experience

  • Strategies and methods to put the human experience at the center of healthcare delivery.
  • The leader’s role and importance of commitment in improving the patient experience.
  • The competencies, skills and tools needed to affect this cultural change

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